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8 Easygoing-but-Active Tours Through Bucket List Landscapes (#7 will have you swooning)

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Want to stay active on your vacation, but want it to still feel like, well, a vacation? Then have we got the tours for you! Let’s Go That Way has curated a list of travel tours through some of the world’s most amazing landscapes that are specifically designed to be active, yet easygoing. Choose from walking, e-biking, or multi-adventure excursions that get you up-close and personal with your chosen destination(s) without too much physical exertion on your part.

In no particular order, here are eight easygoing-but-active tours to add to your bucket list:

1. E-bike Tour, Loire Valley – Grand Châteaux & Regal Rivers

Pedal your way through the fairytale landscape of the enchanting Loire Valley. Known as the breadbasket of France, this relaxing e-bike (electronic bike) tour winds along the Grand Châteaux and Regal Rivers, where you’ll experience fragrant orchards, picturesque villages, and historic vineyards. Sample the exquisite local cuisine and savor wine made in the vineyards you’ll encounter as you tour through this lush valley.

2. E-bike Tour, Netherlands & Belgium – Amsterdam to Bruges

Travel along protected bike lanes in the bicycle-loving Netherlands and Belgium as you journey from Amsterdam to Bruges on your e-bike. Highlights include ancient canals, windmills and fields of fragrant flowers, and the legendary Flanders Field. Explore the fascinating history of the region while mingling with locals, sampling regional beer and waffles, and immersing yourself in the same landscape that inspired the Dutch masters.

3. Multi-Adventure Tour, Croatia to Montenegro – Historic Split to Dubrovnik and the Bay of Kotor

Why not try a multi-adventure tour of the breathtaking views of coastal Croatia and Montenegro? Explore the Adriatic Coast by e-biking, walking, kayaking, and sailing through charming fishing villages, secret harbors, and miles and miles of pristine coastline. Experience how the sea has shaped society in this region on a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

4. Multi-Adventure Tour, Iceland – Awe-Inspiring Land of Fire & Ice

Talk about dramatic scenery! A walk across a glacier, a waterfall cascading from hexagonal lava columns, exploring a glacial lagoon by Zodiac, and hiking across a geothermal valley with steam vents providing punctuation…. Iceland has no shortage of interesting sights. This multi-adventure tour will give you plenty of choices for easy hikes as well as a Jeep expedition and that Zodiac journey.

5. Multi-Adventure Tour, Santorini & Crete – Sun-Splashed Mythical Greek Isles

You’ll definitely want to add this multi-adventure tour of the ancient Mediterranean islands of Santorini and Crete to your to-do list. The mythological birthplace of Zeus and home of the Minotaur, these islands are known for their amazing hospitality, sumptuous cuisine, and awe-inspiring landscapes. Walk/hike or e-bike through historical villages and ancient sites, as well as olive groves and orchards brimming with figs, pomegranates, and apricots.

6. Multi-Adventure Tour, Switzerland – Interlaken to Grindelwald

A world of timeless beauty awaits you on this multi-adventure tour of Switzerland. Bike, walk/hike, or kayak as you experience charming villages, tranquil alpine lakes, and hanging glaciers. Savor the world-famous Swiss chocolate and fondue and learn about the mountaineering history of the region. You’ll also get the opportunity to ride a traditional Swiss toboggan!

7. E-bike Tour, Tuscany’s Chianti – Tuscan Vineyards & Hill Towns

Coast along cypress-lined roads, regal vineyards, and hilltop villages on this easygoing e-bike tour of the Tuscany region of Italy. Tantalize your taste buds with authentic Tuscan cuisine and discover why Italy is famous for its wines as you sample the region’s best-known product: the bold and complex Chianti. From rural splendor to the height of luxury, this trip has it all!

8. Walking Tour, Cinque Terre & Tuscany – Italy’s Seaside to Tuscan Villages

Experience Italy’s luxurious yet laid-back approach to life firsthand on this walking tour of the Cinque Terre coastline and the hills and vineyards of Tuscany. A World Heritage site, the five villages of Cinque Terre are brimming with history and hospitality. Stroll down centuries-old trails, wander through classical villages, and enjoy lazy afternoons at the beach. From the freshest seafood to the crispest wines, Italy really knows how to slow down and savor.

Contact Let’s Go That Way today to learn more and to start planning your favorite bucket-list adventure tour. And no worries if you simply can’t decide. We totally understand! We’re more than happy to help narrow down your options and/or make a plan for booking more than one of these stupendous vacations!

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