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Whether it's on an ocean, or on the inland waterways of Europe, a cruise is not only a great way to experience several countries while unpacking just once, it can be a fantastic value, too.


Every year, I choose a handful of sailings for my hosted cruises. I hand-select great itineraries with premium cruise lines, and you sail with me.


You'll have me onboard as a resource for questions, and as a personal concierge (I can help with things such as resolving flight issues, deciding on excursions, navigating technology, or liaising with the ship's crew). We may even have special events just for our little group.


It's sometimes nice to have a friendly face to help with a photo op, play a game of cards with, or chat to at happy hour.


Many people know that you can often get better rates when you travel as a group.

But what if it's just the two of you going?

When you book with me, I can often leverage my connections to get you the group rate, without actually knowing anyone else in the "group".

These rates are locked in years before the sailing, so we get the best possible fares, and usually some amenities that don't come with the rates you'll find on your own.


If you don't see the sailing you want on my list, just ask -- there are far too many to list here, so I've chosen a select few that I think are great finds. 

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