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How Soon Should You Start Planning for a River Cruise Vacation?

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

We understand. You’re a busy person. You’d love nothing more than to take a river cruise vacation. But you’ve got so much going on that even thinking about planning something for next year makes your head spin.

Here’s the thing, though. Travel is HOT right now. And not only is travel in general extremely popular right now, but studies also show that the booking windows are increasing exponentially. In fact, the average booking window for river cruises is well over 365 days.

And if you've been itching to travel....well, you've got a few million friends who feel the same way.

But wait, you say. How can I possibly book more than a year in advance? How will I know when I’ll be available? What if I book a trip and then my plans change? What know....things happen?

Oddly enough, the unexpected nature of life is actually one of the best reasons to book early. The sooner you can nail down your travel details, the better prepared you and your trusted travel advisor will be to adjust to any changes that may arise.

Although those do-it-yourself travel outlets can make it seem like booking travel last-minute is a budget win, you’ll find out pretty quickly that these “deals” are not always what they’re cracked up to be. Especially if outside influences require revisions to your itinerary (ask anyone who’s purchased discount air that they later needed to rebook).

Working with a travel advisor is really a no-brainer these days. Not only do they often have access to exclusive savings and values that you won’t find on your own, such as onboard credit, air savings, and/or free beverage packages. But a travel advisor—such as the knowledgeable and friendly folks at Let’s Go That Way—will also prove to be your best advocate and ally should anything go awry with your trip.

We also know what travel companies have proven themselves to be better for travelers when things do need to change. And believe us, there have been stellar performers, and....the other guys.

Planning your dream trip well in advance, in coordination with a trusted travel advisor, is the best way to keep that dream from becoming a nightmare.

Reach out to the travel experts at Let’s Go That Way TODAY to start planning that once-in-a-lifetime journey!

You can also join the River Cruise Community Facebook page, to share tips & ideas with fellow river cruise travelers.

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